Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been a loooooong week....

So we all came down with nasty colds this week, ALL four of us! Alexa started it - not sure where she caught it from (really, it could have been anywhere), Kevin and I quickly followed and then little Miss Payton didn't want to be left out. Here's Alexa at the beginning of the week when she felt the worse...surprisingly though, being sick doesn't slow her down. And this day, she picked out her clothes all by herself. She was so proud of herself, it was cute.
Poor Payton then got a fever on Wednesday night and it was over the temperature they say is safe for under 3 months old. And, of course, the fever hit after regular office hours at her pediatrician so when we called, the after hours nurse suggested that we take her to Kosair Children's Hospital ER to get her checked out. Ugh!! It was so not what we wanted to do, as we knew we'd be there for hours...but how can you not want to make sure your baby is okay??? So we packed Payton up, called our fabulous friend Cassie to come sleep on our couch so we didn't have to wake Alexa up, and we headed to the hospital at 11:30pm. After hours and hours and hours of waiting, she was finally examined and then they did a urine sample and it was determined that we were safe to head home as it was most likely just a virus from her cold. They had been concerned about meningitis and/or urinary tract infections, thus the urine sample. But thankfully neither were the at 5:00am, we finally headed home with our tired little girl (and two VERY tired parents).
We all seem to be coming out of it though, still some congestion in all of us...but we're on the mend!'s seriously been a very LONG and TIRING week. But here's a little video, mostly for the grammas and grampas, to get to know Payton a little better. We can quite regularly get lots of smiles, some giggles and raspberries out of her...but when we bring the camera out, she gets distracted by it and won't perform. The nerve!! Anyways, enjoy...we think she's pretty darn adorable!
A couple weeks ago, we went to the zoo with some friends from our ward. Alexa had been asking to see the snakes for some time so she was pretty excited about this trip to the zoo. After we had already been into the reptile exhibit and seen all the snakes, spiders, crocodiles, etc...we walked back outside and one of the zoo workers had a snake on her arm for all to see. Several months ago, we'd come across a similar situation but Alexa wouldn't have anything to do with the snake...however, THIS time she absolutely wanted to touch it. The picture makes it look like she wasn't excited about it but it was the sun in her eyes...she wouldn't look up as it was too bright. But she really was so excited to touch the icky thing and was so proud of herself for doing it. Good for you're braver than your mama!!'s hoping for a healthier week with MUCH more sleep!!!