Wednesday, July 27, 2011

::Miss Sassy Pants::

Otherwise known as Payton...but more commonly called "Stinker Jae" at this present juncture in her life! She is sassy through and through these days. We hope this phase passes soon...but it's not likely, I'm sure! She IS, after all, a girl...and we have yet to hit her teenage years. Definitely something to look forward to!! ;-) Oh. Boy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's finally time for Barrett to move out of our room and into his own room. So Alexa's old room needed to go from THIS:
And finally, to THIS:
Out went the Princess (peptobismol) Pink, and in came the Arizona Navy Blue. One of the hygienists that works with Kevin had this huge stencil for the Arizona block 'A' so we spent hours and hours and even more hours on our own 'A' for Barrett's room. We're quite happy with how it turned out. And a special thanks to both my mom and Kevin's mom for the beautiful UofA themed quilts they made for our sweet boy!
So there ya have it - Barrett's Wildcat Nursery!
(we still have a couple projects in the works for his room, so stay tuned!!)