Saturday, December 8, 2012

Letters to Santa

Today we went to Santa's special mailbox at the mall to deliver the kids' letters to the big guy!
Here are the munchkins hoping they've made it onto the NICE list this year!!! :-)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Lights at the Zoo!

Tonight we ventured to the zoo to check out the Christmas lights and to see Santa.  It worked out perfectly that there was a very small line to see Santa, like maybe 3 people in front of us, when we got there...MUCH better than waiting forever at the mall!  Barrett was a little apprehensive and the girls would only go if Mommy was in the picture too...but at least we got a picture!! :-)

The rest of the time, the kiddos were happy as can be checking out the lights...although a bit disappointed that we couldn't see any of the animals because it was too dark!

Can't leave out my handsome Mister!
Kevin met us there on his way home from work for a fun family night!