Sunday, March 18, 2012

..::Barrett: 11 Months::..

Only ONE more month until Bubba's big birthday!!

Let's see...what has happened this past month???

*Plays peek-a-boo - February 20th
*Climbed up one stair - February 21st
*Starts nodding his head "yes" - February 29th
*Crawls up multiple stairs - March 5th (we now have a gate up all the time)
*Took his FIRST steps - March 10th (at Great Grandpa Brown's funeral)
*Took 3 consecutive steps - March 16th
*Says "Uh-Uh" for Uh-Oh - March 17th
*Took 4-5 consecutive steps - March 18th

We had a busy month!!

My Birthday

Another year has come and does it do that so quickly these days???
I cannot believe I am 34...I so do not feel like I'm in my 30's.  I know I've had a few years to get used to it, but it still seems weird.  I have no issue with getting can't have birthdays and NOT get older, and we all know I LOVE having birthdays, so the two go hand-in-hand.  But I just don't FEEL old enough to be IN my 30's, does that make sense?  I actually love where I am, what my 30's has brought me, and choose it hands down over my 20's...but deep inside, a lot of the time, I still feel like I'm 18!  And then reality hits and BAM!, I'm back in my 30's wondering how the heck I got here!
Anywho, I digress...I had a wonderful birthday!  Kevin took me on a date last night.  Dinner at Oregano's and a movie, a chick flick no less!  He must love me!! :-)  Then today we went to church and then came home and opened presents and then Kevin made me a yummy steak dinner, complete with a cheesecake for dessert!  Yum...I'm so lucky to be loved so much by my handsome husband and adorable kiddos!