Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Alexa!!

Today our baby girl turns THREE!! We decorated last night to surprise Alexa this morning but Kevin had to leave early for school so he didn't get to see Alexa's reaction. Thankfully I remembered to pull out the camera to catch a little bit of it!
The Birthday Girl got to open one present first thing this morning...princess beads. She loves necklaces, really any jewelry actually, so she was quite excited.
We went to the doctor this morning for her three year check-up. We've been fighting a fever all week and so I was worried that my girl wasn't going to get to have a fun birthday. BUT, we've been fever free for over 24 hours now so we were good to go. And Alexa was sooooooo excited to go to the doctor for her VERY own appointment. (She's been quite jealous of all Payton's routine well checks!!) Alexa's stats at 3 years old:
Weight: 31.8 lbs (50th percentile)
Height: 38 " (75th percentile)
Our baby girl has slimmed down and sprouted up!!! She's perfectly healthy and developing as she should, well beyond her age group in some areas even!!
We are so grateful for a healthy, happy little girl!
Once Alexa went down for her nap, Kevin and I got all her party preparations under way.
And then the party began!
Alexa had a great time with all her friends: Karter G., Nathan I., Syndey T., Brielle K. and Zach R. We missed Olan & Quincy C. and Jonny B. - we sure missed you!! Wish I would have gotten a picture of all the kiddos together, but didn't think of it until it was too late. Here's one of the Birthday Girl's sister though! Payton had so much fun celebrating her sister's big day!!!
And here's the Birthday Girl in all her Princess Glory!!!
And we can't forget the singing and blowing out of candles!! Alexa definitely didn't like someone else stealing her thunder so we had to light the candles again!!! :-)

Happy Birthday Miss Alexa.

We sure love you to pieces and hope you had a super special Princess Day!!!

Look who's THREE!!!

It's amazing how fast the time goes! It seems like just yesterday that Alexa joined our family!
So sweet, so tiny!
Before we knew it, she was this cute little baby...not quite walking yet!
And then out of no where she was this adorable toddler, talking all the time and keeping us very entertained!
And NOW...she's is such a big girl! She's no longer my little baby. It's bittersweet. But I love watching her grow and learn new things. Even when she tells me I'm doing things wrong!! :-)
Anyways, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY our sweet Alexa. We love you tooooooo much!!
(I have more to update...I just haven't had the time lately AND I wanted to get this up right away since this is such a big day in my little girl's life!!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It won't be long now...

...until lil' Miss Payton is crawling all over the place!! She's now up on all fours, rocking back and forth. She's just itchin' to crawl! I guess it's time to go over the baby-proofing to make sure all is up to speed AND to educate Alexa on what can and canNOT go/stay on the floor!!

The following video is more for the grandparents/family who don't get to see our kiddos on a regular basis. If you want to watch it though, here's fair warning that it's a bit long and the last part really isn't that exciting!!! But Payton does show off some of her recent skillz!! Enjoy!