Friday, December 23, 2011

Winterhaven Festival of Lights

There is a community here in Tucson called Winterhaven. With a name like that, it's only fitting that they go all out to decorate for the Christmas season, don't ya think??!! We went to check out this spectacular display of lights tonight and it did not disappoint. Despite the chilly night, it was fun to get out and walk around this neighborhood to see all the lights!
There was even a snow machine that the girls got a kick out of!
That's the kind of snow I can handle!! :-)
Awwwwww....if you can't tell, that is mistletoe that we're standing under!!
And I didn't even have to twist Kevin's arm to get this picture!!! (okay, maybe just a little!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Visit with the Jolly Big Guy...

I took the kids to visit Santa today at the mall. They were so excited to see him and talk to him and tell him all their wishes for Christmas this year. That is, until it was actually our turn...and then Payton didn't want to go anywhere near him, so I got to be in the picture for the 2nd year in a row!!
Merry almost Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daddy/Daughter Date

Payton got her very first official one-on-on date with daddy tonight. AND it was also her very first UofA Basketball Game. We were a little worried how she would do since the games are about 2 hours long, and she's only 2 1/2...but she lasted the entire game!! She kept her eye on Wilbur the Wildcat the whole time and enjoyed some popcorn...but best of all, she got daddy all to herself! Have I mentioned how happy it makes me to know that this is so important to establish these daddy/daughter relationships with his girls?!! I LOVE it! And I love how much they look forward to these dates with daddy! I hope it always is this way!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

..::Barrett: 8 Months::..

8 Months!!
The happenings for Bubba Man this past month:
*Sat up from crawling position - November 23rd
*Took forward crawling steps - November 30th
*Sat up in crib for first time - December 1st (he's now sitting up every time we go in to get him)
*CRAWLING!!!!! - December 5th
*Clicks tongue - December 10th (he finds this pretty funny when we do it back to him)
*Says "Ma-Ma" - December 10th
*Starts pulling himself up on things - December 15th
So we're in major baby-proofing mode now that Barrett is a full-fledged crawler! He is like a little puppy....ANYthing he gets his hands on goes straight to his mouth! And now that he's pulling up on things, there's more to get into! It's so fun to see all the learning he's doing though. He is such a sweet, funny little boy!
Happy 8 Months Bubba!!!