Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Tucson Zoo

We ventured to the Reid Park Zoo here in Tucson today. It's our 2nd time going since we moved back and the girls really love it. Especially Payton these days...she's discovered animals and loves LOVES all animals, so it's a lot of fun to see her joy. She makes a "ruff ruff" noise for every animal she sees and calls everything a "puppy". It's pretty cute.
Anyways, this is what we saw when we were walking into the zoo. Do you think Tucson is a BLUE state or a RED state???!!! :-)
Here's a closer shot of the sign! I think it's hilarious...there were about 12 of these spots next to the handicap parking spaces. RIDICULOUS if you ask me!
Anyways, it was a fun day...a bit overcast, so not too terribly hot. And Kevin even got to come with us so it was a fun family outting.
Oh and I fed a giraffe!! Their tongues are HUGE! We had a free coupon for getting a membership to the zoo and Alexa was all pumped to feed them, but when it came down to actually doing it, she preferred to stand back and let mommy have the fun!!!
The girls loved the Polar Bear...he was swimming and putting on a show!
We're looking forward to many more zoo trips once the weather cools down a bit!

Friday, July 30, 2010

["Auntah Beeta's" Visit and July Recap]

So VERY last minute, my sister, Benita, decided to come for a visit. She called me on July 11th and flew down the next day. I decided to surprise Alexa since Benita was due to arrive right after naptime. Alexa was sooooo excited that "Auntah Beeta" was here to visit again! We had a lot of fun with her here. The girls absolutely adore her...and Payton didn't play shy at all this time, it was GREAT!
On the 17th, we had a party at our house with almost all of the residents that Kevin is doing his residency with. He only works every day with one of them, Sarah, but he sees the rest of the residents each Tuesday when they have their class together. We're super excited that there's another family who are also members of our church AND their kids are the same ages as was meant to be!! :-)
I've totally got some movie star babes on my hands! They LOVE their shades!
I love these next two captures Payton to a "T"...she LOVES to torment her big sister!
Do you think my child likes to eat???
We do a lot of this around here...dancing and playing! I especially love it when the girls get along while playing together...their laughter when doing so is music to my ears!
They love to hang out on the couch together too.
Okay, so Benita and I only got a couple pictures of us together while she was here...I thought this one was cute of both of us but I know she's gonna kill me for putting it up! But's MY blog, I can do what I want. Plus, I think it's the cuter picture of me anyways!! :-)
We ventured to the mall play area one day with Auntah Beeta! The girls had a blast.
I just absolutely LOVE this picture! I sincerely hope and pray that my girls always love and adore each other and stay the best of friends!
Benita got to experience some monsoons while she was here. Yes, it DOES rain in the desert! And doesn't our grass look great??!!!
On July 24th, sadly...we had to take Aunta Beeta back to the airport. Her visit was over. But we had a great time while she was here. We even took advantage of a free babysitter and so Kevin and I got to go on a couple dates. It was wonderful!!
Bye-Bye Beeta...we miss you!
Before taking Benita to the airport, we stopped in at Kevin's sister, Becky's house for a visit. Alexa loved playing with her cousins that she doesn't get to see that often.
And last but not least....we can do PIGGIES now in Payton's hair.
YAY, oh happy day! Isn't she a doll baby???!!
She's also 15 months old now. We had her 15 month well-check yesterday and she got FOUR shots. What a little trooper she is! She's weighing in at 23 lbs and 31 inches - 50th percentile for both. We just love and adore this little lady.