Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oh Bon Jovi!

Aaaaaaaahhhhh....I have been looking forward to this night for FOR-EV-ER!!!!
Firstly, because Wave flew in to visit me for a few days!
And secondly, because the BON JOVI concert was finally here!!
Oh how we love Bon Jovi!
One of the many many many reasons we are such great friends! :-)
And boy oh boy does Jon Bon Jovi know how to put on a show!

This was him singing "Bed of Roses", one of my all-time favorite Bon Jovi songs, and the first time in four concerts that he's performed it!!!!!

We are thoroughly enjoying the show!

We decided that after four concerts and not buying any souveniers, we totally deserved a t-shirt!
So we got matching ones!!!

We were horrible at taking pictures during the rest of her visit, so we made up for it her last night here.  We'd just gotten home from dinner and shopping, and we were kind of in a silly mood.

We had a great time together, as always.  Thanks my friend for coming to see me!

Mud Treatments

Mud is good for the skin, right??!!!
I turned on the sprinklers for the girls and as soon as a puddle formed, they were smack dab in the middle of it.  I decided to embrace it and let them have fun!
We did this two days in a row this week and they were in HEAVEN!!
And I enjoyed hosing them off each time when they were done!! :-)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

..::Best Friends::..

Today at gymnastics, Harmony brought Payton a "best friends" know, the kind that is shaped like a heart and it's broken in half so each person gets one half.
Yep, one of those!
Totally took me back to my childhood and doing that with my friends!
Sure love these two little ladies!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Mister's Birthday

April is our Festival of Birthdays!
Now that Bubba's is out of the's time for Kevin's birthday!
And since his birthday falls on a Monday this year (tomorrow), we decided to go out for his birthday last night.  We went to the Wildlife Museum and ate at the food trucks they had set up outside first.
A couple times a year, this museum has a light's out event where you bring your flashlights and you can go on a scavenger hunt for animals in the dark.  It was actually pretty fun!
Here we are looking like the tired and exhausted parents that we are!! :-)
So waaaaaaaaaaay back in the 4th Grade, I did a report on this bird called a Quetzel.
I've told Kevin about it a million times but he doesn't didn't believe me.
Until last night.
During our scavenger hunt in the dark, we came across a WHAT???
That's right...a QUETZEL!!!!
Booyah! You're wrong, I'm right!  Na-na na-na boo boo!
(I'm totally reverting to immature childish behavior right now and it doesn't bother me one bit!!)
Anywho, I made him take a picture as proof.
And in case you're wondering, the quetzel is the green bird on the right with the long green tail feathers!

Today, I made my man a yummy Turtle Chocolate Cake for his birthday!
We decided to celebrate today because one of my BFF's is coming into town on Tuesday and I just know tomorrow is going to be a crazy day cleaning and getting ready for company!
The cake DID taste as good as it looks! :-)

I know this year doesn't compare to last year's birthday (surprise trip to the Grand Canyon)...
but stick around until his 40th and I'll make sure to top his 30th!! :-)

Happy Happy Birthday Love!