Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bathing Suit Beauties!!

Can you tell who is who???
(Top/Left: Alexa, Bottom/Right: Payton)
Some peeps have told me the pics appear side by side on their computer but they're showing up top and bottom on mine??!!! Weird.

I seriously get a kick out of how much these two look alike!!
Summer is quickly passing us by! :-( And it's been a very rainy summer at that. So when a sunny day comes along...we try to head outside and make the most of it. This was Payton's first actual dip in the pool. She's been TO the pool many times before, but this was her first time wearing a bathing suit and actually getting the the water. She enjoyed it for about 10 - 15 minutes and then preferred sitting with daddy on the side. Alexa, on the other hand, would live in the water if we would let her. She's become quite the fish this summer. We might have to enroll her in swimming lessons soon!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Payton's Nursery - Custom Made!!

Here it is!!
When we found out we were having another girl, I decided that it would probably be best to get all new crib bedding as Alexa was VERY attached to her crib at the time. I figured she would adjust better to a new sibling using the crib if it didn't look like her bed at all anymore. And since I LOVE pink & brown together, I wanted to go with that color scheme. However, I just couldn't find anything that I really loved. But I told my mom that pink and brown were the colors if she wanted to make a quilt to go along with whatever bedding I chose.
Days and weeks passed and I finally decided I'd just order or buy something while my mom was here instead of before since we didn't move Alexa from the crib until just 3 weeks before Payton was born. And in order for her to make the move to the big girl bed, we had to completely take down the I wasn't planning on putting it back up until Payton was a couple months old and ready to move into the girls' we had time.
Well, my mom shows up with this BEAUTIFUL quilt she made, PLUS all the leftover material and says, if I want, she can just make a crib skirt to go with it. And just like that, she whipped up a crib skirt with no pattern!! Amazing. So we got pink sheets to match and a brown bumper pad and we were good to go. I absolutely LOVE my custom made crib bedding. Thank you mom, it turned out wonderful and I know Payton will love her quilt and pillow for years to come.
She's been sleeping soooo much better since we decided to put her in her own room. So that's what we spent last week (Kevin's week off) doing. Getting everything organized and moved around so that both girls could have their own room...and it's worked out great.
See...she already DOES love it!!
Although, silly me, I thought by them not sharing a room, I wouldn't have TWO kids up all night long, but the past several days, Alexa has done just that regardless. Not sure what's going on in her little world these days...but she better start sleeping ALL night long again soon before this tired mama goes crazy!!
And here's the grouping of pictures I put above Payton's changing table. Thanks again Amanda for taking these beautiful pictures. To see more of Amanda's fabulous talent, go here.

Tuckered Out!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Or Superman in this least, that's who Alexa says she is!
(she's got some serious super powers...betcha couldn't tell that she'd just brushed her teeth all on her own!!)
Look at how fast she is!! :-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A package from Gramma!

Yesterday, Alexa received a package in the mail addressed to HER!! Our mail lady knocked on the door and said she had a package that needed a signature and she didn't know if she was pronouncing it correctly, but was there an "A-LEX-A Mortenson" here. You should have seen Alexa's face!! She was soooooo excited that it was just for her. (Our mail lady sees us quite often so I'm sure she really did know how to say Alexa's name and just wanted to make it extra special for thanks mail lady!!) And thank you Gramma Jenny for sending a package to Alexa. Gramma got Alexa this adorable skirt that Alexa couldn't wait to wear. Here she is before church this morning, showing it AND her wonderful little personality off!! And Gramma didn't leave the rest of us out...she sent me some goodies and she sent a cute pink dress for Payton that she doesn't quite fit into so pictures will have to wait on that one!!
I tried to get a shot of the two of them together, but Payton just can't quite hold herself up yet.
Me and my girls!
I hope they know how much I love them!!