Saturday, September 17, 2011

..::Barrett's First Haircut::..

When I was in Canada a few weeks ago, I gave Barrett his first "trim". I just took a little off the top so his curly fauxhawk wasn't so long. But his hair was starting to just get too long all over. I debated over whether or not to try and leave some longer on the top...but he was just too squirmy to try and create a STYLE. So a buzz he got!! But I think he still looks pretty darn adorable!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

..::Can't Get Enough::..

Since starting solid foods a couple weeks ago, I can't keep up with bubba!! He. loves. it. all! You name it, he's eating it....cereal, fruits, veggies, meats! He seriously can't get enough. If I can't spoon it into his mouth fast enough, he cries. When I'm done feeding him, he cries. He just always wants more. I'm kinda worried about what life is going to be like when this little guy is a teenager!! He's already eating us out of house and home, I can only imagine what it'll be like when he's older and bringing his friends home!!! But I love having a good eater....I'll take this over a fussy one any day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

::Picture Perfect::

Alexa was soooo proud of the chalk-drawing she made on the back patio today. She grabbed the camera and took a couple pictures of it herself before I had a chance to help her with it. And then she insisted on being in the picture with her drawing. I loved though that she knew it probably wouldn't last long, being outside and all AND having a younger sister who likes to destroy things, and so she knew a picture would keep it forever!
Love my little lady and her boundless imagination. She continually amazes me with the stories, songs and pictures she comes up with!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


So my idea of camping is a nice cabin on a lake somewhere with said cabin having running water and electricity. And perhaps a couple jet skis on the especially for me, and one for everyone else! :-) THAT is MY idea of camping. Unfortunately, that's not the type of camping we experienced this weekend. I must really love my husband! :-) I was able to get out of the Mortenson Family Camp Out back in June because I'd just recently had a baby, only to have it cancelled fast forward a couple months and it's not so recent that I just had a baby anymore and my husband. just. really. loves. camping. And really REALLY wants to go. So we plan a camping trip with his brother's family and their parents. The girls are super excited. Alexa well remembers her camping experience last Fall with her daddy and grandparents and can't wait to go again. I'll admit...I got a little caught up in their excitement too. However, it. is. a. lot. of. work. I think that's my biggest issue with's sooooo much work to get everything all packed up for one day, to get there and get everything all set up, just to take it all down, get it home and put it all away again.
That would have been all fine though....if the Monsoon that had been absent for the past 3 weeks hadn't decided to come back with a vengance THE day we planned on going camping! Despite being stuck in our tent from about 7:30pm on due to pouring rain, thunder and lightning, and it being a lot colder than we'd anticipated, AND not getting to make s'mores by the fire :-), we did have a fun time, and thankfully got our camp set up before the rain set in. The girls had a great time! We had fun cooking over the fire, making a swing, finding a little horny toad named "Flowers", eating marshmallows, seeing a flock of wild turkeys and spending time with family!
Oh and here's my hottie chopping wood for our fire!!! Love you may just get me to go camping again, maybe!! :-)