Thursday, September 23, 2010

::Story time and Lunch at the Park::

Today we went to story time at the library, which we do quite often on Thursdays (no pictures of this though), and then we went to the park afterwards for a picnic. My friend Camille and I decided that since it was now technically Fall, we should be outside, despite the temperatures still in the 90's. And as long as we were in the shade, it wasn't too bad. It will definitely be nice for it to cool down a bit though so we can start enjoying more time outside!
Regardless of the heat though, Payton LOVED the slides! She could live on a slide if we'd let her!
And Alexa had fun with her friends, even though she was being quite grumpy when I tried to take her picture!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


THIS is was it looks like when you let about 3 different laundry days worth of clean clothes pile up!!! Procrastination at it's best. And I purposely folded them on my bed so I would HAVE to put them away before going to bed last night. Otherwise the clean, folded laundry would have then sat for who knows how long in baskets!!! :-)