Saturday, December 25, 2010

~Christmas 2010~

Christmas morning was so much fun at our house! Alexa REALLY got into the whole Santa thing this year and Payton was sooooo much more interested than last year too. It was so much fun to watch their excitement and joy!

Alexa has been asking for a pillow pet FOR.EV.ER!!!! And so Gramma & Grampa Mortenson gave them each one for Christmas. We decided on the same for both girls to cut down on the fighting over them...however, already today, Payton has been wanting the one Alexa has even though it's EXACTLY the same!!! Silly girls!
Alexa's BIG present this year from Santa Claus was her first big girl bike! And Payton gave her the helmet. As you can see...she was just a leeeeetle bit excited!!!
And Payton was more than happy to take over Alexa's old Dora Trike!!
We had a great morning but now it seems like sickness has taken hold of our house...or rather just Kevin! Hopefully it'll pass soon so we can enjoy the rest of our holiday weekend! Merry Christmas everyone...we hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas, full of the Spirit of our Lord and Savior!
One last picture of the girls in their new dressup clothes!!
Thanks Uncle Darron & Aunt Ann (and peeps) for the fun present!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

..::Christmas Eve 2010::..

Our day started off with the girls playing with Gramma and Grampa! They loved having them here when they woke up. We decided to give them their Christmas present then, since we wouldn't be around them on Christmas morning to see them open it. Alexa, of course, had to be part of the action! Merry Christmas G&G, we hope you enjoy your photo album!!
We then ventured out to the Arizona Sonoron Desert Museum for the morning. I think this may be a new Christmas Eve tradition for us. We got there shortly before they were starting a show where we got to see a bunch of the behind-the-scenes animals up close and personal. The girls loved it. We got to see ferrets, pelicans, skunks, quail, birds, porcupine...I think that's it. They let the birds fly through the little auditorium and they just about took off our heads. It was pretty cool. And it was such a fun family activity to do on Christmas Eve.
We enjoyed the rest of our day and even went out for dinner tonight since we'd had our "Christmas Eve" party last night. That was another relaxing thing that I think we'll have to make tradition!! As long as we're not having a family party on Christmas Eve, that is. Then it was on to opening our Christmas Pajamas. This is another tradition carried on from my side of the family and I love it. I love seeing the girls in matching jammies and how excited they get to open them. Aren't they the cutest little "Santa's Helpers" you've ever seen??!!!
Once the girls were in bed, Kevin and I got busy helping Santa get everything ready! Alexa had made a note for Santa several weeks ago advising which tree the presents needed to go under. She didn't want him to get confused!! And she wanted to leave cookies for Santa and some veggies for his reindeer, along with a drink of water for both too. She's really been into Christmas this year and I've loved seeing her excitement. Payton has realized a bit too...she knows who Santa is and that he says "ho, ho, ho". She points him out whereever we go these days! I can't wait to see their sweet little faces tomorrow morning!!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Party

We had our very first Christmas Party at our house tonight. Kevin's parents came up from Elfrida as they're heading up to Phoenix tomorrow to spend the rest of the holidays with Kevin's other siblings. Duane & Emily and family also came. It's so fun to be around family again and be able to celebrate the holidays with them. We had a big smorgasbord feast as is tradition on my side of the family...Christmas Eve is all about the appetizers and treats and so I wanted to carry that tradition on. We had sooooo much yummy food. Christmas really is so much more fun with kids! Thanks Mortensons for celebrating with us, we had a great time and are looking forward to the rest of the Christmas season!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Bump Update: 5.5 Months

Well, here we are at 5 1/2 months. Baby boy is moving like crazy!! And apparently, growing like crazy too! I swear I'm bigger with this pregnancy than my first two. Perhaps I'll have to do a comparison at 6 months with pictures from all my pregnancies!

::DDD = Daddy-Daughter Date::

For Kevin's Christmas present this year, he requested the Christmas Package Basketball Tickets for the U of A games. This includes 4 games around the holidays. Tonight was the 2nd game and Alexa got to go on a date with her daddy! She was sooooo excited. She'd already been to a U of A Football game but now she got to go to a basketball game too. Kevin said she was totally enthralled. And she actually made it the entire game! Some popcorn and a lemonade, not to mention her good little friend Pierson being there too, didn't hurt!! I love that Kevin makes it a priority to spend one-on-one time with his girls!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home~

The girls get sooooo excited when they know daddy is almost home! Kevin always calls right as he leaves work, so I can alert the girls right about when we expect him to pull in the driveway. Well, tonight, they were extra excited and were waiting for quite some time before he actually got home. And this is how I found them!! I sure love how much they love their daddy!