Saturday, December 25, 2010

~Christmas 2010~

Christmas morning was so much fun at our house! Alexa REALLY got into the whole Santa thing this year and Payton was sooooo much more interested than last year too. It was so much fun to watch their excitement and joy!

Alexa has been asking for a pillow pet FOR.EV.ER!!!! And so Gramma & Grampa Mortenson gave them each one for Christmas. We decided on the same for both girls to cut down on the fighting over them...however, already today, Payton has been wanting the one Alexa has even though it's EXACTLY the same!!! Silly girls!
Alexa's BIG present this year from Santa Claus was her first big girl bike! And Payton gave her the helmet. As you can see...she was just a leeeeetle bit excited!!!
And Payton was more than happy to take over Alexa's old Dora Trike!!
We had a great morning but now it seems like sickness has taken hold of our house...or rather just Kevin! Hopefully it'll pass soon so we can enjoy the rest of our holiday weekend! Merry Christmas everyone...we hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas, full of the Spirit of our Lord and Savior!
One last picture of the girls in their new dressup clothes!!
Thanks Uncle Darron & Aunt Ann (and peeps) for the fun present!!!