Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Can't you just tell that these two were having so much fun??!!! We headed to the splash park at the zoo this morning as it was VERY hot here today...hot weather + sunshine + water + good friends = JOY! I know, I promise not to post about EVERY time we head outside for some fun as there are sure to be many MANY more of those days this summer. But these are the firsts this summer. It's definitely taking some getting used to having two kids to haul around this summer. It was soooo easy last summer with just Alexa...no stroller, just her and I and our bag. Now it's a massive double stroller, two kids, several bags of total necessities :-) and one tired mama! But it's so worth it when I see how much fun Alexa has with her friends.

If only...

...Alexa could live outside, she'd be the happiest girl alive! Last week, we enjoyed being outdoors at my friend, Amanda's, place. They just recently got this fabulous swing set/playhouse/slide for their little guy, Karter, and Alexa was in heaven (kudos to Karter's daddy for putting it together!!). Alexa was speechless when she spotted it from the kitchen window!! It was pretty cute. Thanks Amanda and Karter for letting us come play...I'm sure we'll be inviting ourselves over quite a bit this summer!! :-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Payton's One Month Stats...

We had Payton's one month well-baby visit today and she weighed in at 10 lbs 6 oz (75th percentile) and 21 inches long (50th percentile). Her head circumference was also in the 75th percentile so she's growing well. I don't have any one month stats of Alexa's to compare her to as Alexa went from a 2 week check up to a 2 month checkup...but Alexa was always in the 100th percentile for weight so Payton isn't growing as quickly as her big sister. I had already guessed that as Payton likes to eat but she's content with a lot less than Alexa was at this age. But she's healthy and happy and we're so grateful to have her as part of our family.