Saturday, June 26, 2010

{Sisters & Friends}

I'm so glad my two little ladies love each other! They definitely have their moments, as most siblings do, but on a whole...they get along so well and I'm loving how they're starting to really play together now.
(Don't you love how I do Payton's hair??!!! :-))

Friday, June 25, 2010

..::To Gramma's House We Go::..

We ventured to Elfrida this week to visit Kevin's parents. We hadn't been back to Elfrida since December 2007, when Alexa was 13 months old. This is partly due to the fact that we were in Kentucky for dental school...but also because Kevin's parents were gone for 18 months serving a mission for our Church (they just got back in March). So we figured it was high time to pay a visit. And we had a blast! The girls LOVED being around gramma and papa and Kevin and I LOVED having a brief reprieve from constantly entertaining the girls! We should seriously hire a live-in nanny!! ;-)
Anyways, as soon as we got there, Alexa was rarin' to go. She didn't want to put off the fun things one bit. So we started off with jumping through the water on the trampoline. As you can was a HUGE hit!
There was a lot of Gramma/Alexa time to be, stories....
....dress up (they were playing "church" here)...
...and more dress up!!
The second day we were there, we headed up to some old ghost towns before it got too hot. It was fun to see the old buildings. Alexa thought that there were actually going to be ghosts of the cowboys who used to live there in took a bit of explaining to convince her otherwise!!
This next picture makes me laugh....Alexa looks like she's just about had enough of life and Payton looks like she's ready to conquer the world!! :-)
Then we went to Kevin's Uncle Gary's farm to see the horses. Alexa has been wanting to ride a horse forever. So here she is checking things out...once she got up close, she wasn't so sure!
But as soon as Uncle Gary told her that her cousins would come and ride the horses, she found the courage to saddle up!
And, of course, Payton had to do everything her big sister does! There's no leaving her out!
Me and my sweet Payton at the farm.
Kevin and the girls checkin' out the cows.
What good is a trip to the farm if you can't ride an old tractor???
Or climb in the bales of hay???
We finished off this action-packed day with a wiener roast in gramma and papa's backyard. Lucky for us, we picked the very brief period of the day when the wind decided to blow the hardest!! Our picnic outside didn't last very long!! But it was still fun and yummy!
And for dessert, we had s' can see the evidence still on Alexa's face! They sure were delicious!
These are the sunsets from gramma and papa's backyard.
On our way back to Tucson, we stopped by Kevin's Grandparents house, Gramma and Grampa Brown. They had never met Payton before so it was fun to visit with them.
We had such a fun visit and look forward to many more fun times with "mamaw" and "bampaw" as Payton now says! Thanks for letting us come visit!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

:::Outside Looking In:::

This is what Kevin sees just about every time he heads outside to do something in the backyard!
Speaking of our backyard...there's a rite of passage to owning a new home - the FIRST lawn mowing!! This is doubly exciting for us since we laid sod the first week we moved in and we thought it had bit the dust...but it came back, quite beautifully, and now we (by we, I mean Kevin) get to mow it at least once a week!! :-)