Saturday, June 18, 2011

..::Barrett: Two Months::..'ve beefed up just a bit my little man!!
Two Month Stats:
Height: 24 1/4" (98th percentile)
Weight: 15 lbs (98th percentile)
Head: 42 cm (off the charts!)
So this is what has gone down this past month:
*May 23rd - smiled for the first time
*May 27th - went to first UofA sporting event (baseball game)
*June 5th - Blessing Day
*June 17th - 2 Month check up, got shots (you were so brave)
We just all love and adore Barrett soooooo much! He's such a good, happy baby. He has his fussy times in the evening, but other than that, he cries when he needs something, hungry, diaper change, sleep. We are so grateful he's a part of our family.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Look who's smiling and "talking"!!! I am LOVING this new stage!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

::Mortenson Family Party::

This past weekend was supposed to be the Mortenson Family Camp Out...however, due to all the forest fires in the State, the camp out got cancelled. But everyone still wanted to get together. So we all ventured up to Phoenix and went bowling. I think everyone had a great time!
Marial even got a strike!!!!
Payton wanted NOTHING to do with the camera...silly girl!
All of the Mortenson grandkids together at one time....quite a goodlookin' bunch, don't ya think?!! :-)
After bowling, we all went over to Darron & Ann's house for lunch, then most of us parted ways for an afternoon siesta, and then back to Darron & Ann's for swimming and dinner. Fun times had by all!!!
Look at these cute cousins: Hadley & Payton.
And Mr. Barrett just sat idly by, watching everything, just takin' it all in.
And to top off the fun-filled day, the kids got to crack open a pinata!!!
I'm so grateful for the family I married into. Thanks Mortensons for a great day. It's sure fun to spend time with family!