Friday, January 1, 2010

~Happy New Year~

Last night we had a rockin' New Year's Eve party at our friends', Devin & Lori P's house. Kids were invited and although we got a babysitter last year and thoroughly enjoyed our evening, we opted to bring the girls along this year. Devin and Lori also have a 3-year old, Katherine, and we knew Alexa would have so much fun having a "sleepover" party with her! And boy were we right...they were still up and rarin' to go as the ball dropped! We had a great time (especially since Payton went to bed as soon as we got there and Alexa was completely entertained playing with Katherine)...we played a really fun card game, Lunch Money, ate way too much food and had a lot of laughs as we rang in the New Year with great friends!
Wow, did this happen? When we moved to Kentucky almost five years ago, in 2005, we honestly thought this year would NEVER come. Kevin being in the 'Class of 2010' seemed sooooo far off. And now we're here. This is going to be a big year for us. Kevin will graduate from dental school in May, we're moving to Tucson where Kevin will do a one year AEGD Residency, we're hoping to buy our first home...and the list goes on, but those are the BIG ones. Wow,'s here and we welcome you with open arms!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Payton: 8 Months

It's been EIGHT months since this little lady joined our family!! Why won't time just stand still??
A few tidbits about Payton at 8 months old:
*She LOVES to eat...anything and everything I put in front of her, no dislikes whatsoever!
*She has finally taken a liking to formula!!
*We are days away from NO MORE NURSING!!
*Alexa can make her laugh like no other.
*She's saying "mamamama" "dadada" "babababa" "yayayaya".
*She'll be playing just fine with Kevin and then cries when she hears or sees her mommy, trying to make me think she hasn't been treated well!!! Silly girl, I'm on to her!
*She's still teasing us with the whole crawling's close, I can feel it!
*Her favorite outfit is her Arizona onesie, pants and jacket (According to Kevin).
*She does not like getting dressed.
*She's sleeping pretty well through the night...but we still have our not so good nights.
*She loves bathtime.
*She loves the "A-B-C" Song.
*She's still getting a breathing treatment almost once a day (for controlling purposes - we're hoping the dryer weather in AZ takes care of breathing issues for both girls!!).
*She's such a happy baby...always has a big smile on her face.
We are so grateful for this little angel!
Happy 8 Months Payton!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


So it's usually the younger sibling who looks up to the older sibling and wants to be like that older sibling, do what that older sibling can do, it not???!!! Well, in our household right now, Alexa wants to be like Payton. Today, she wanted to wear a big bow like Payton. And most days, she wants to be able to do what Payton does or get treated the way Payton does. If Kevin or I are holding Payton a certain way, then we have to hold Alexa that way too...if we're playing with Payton a certain way, then we have to play with Alexa that way too. I'm sure the tables will turn and as soon as Payton can vocalize what she wants too, that she'll be doing the same thing. Right now, we're happy to oblige Alexa (for the most part)'s not easy having someone come in and take your spot as "numero uno"!!