Friday, February 5, 2010

A Favorite Place

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Music Lovers

What is it about a piano a little kids??? I haven't met a child who was fascinated by pounding on the keys and hearing the sounds they can create. Alexa has always loved being able to sit at the piano and play away...and Payton is no exception either! We sat her down today and she was in heaven!!


...and NOW!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snip, Snip...Sniff, Sniff

Sooooooo....after serious thought, I decided to give Alexa a real haircut. Oh, she's had several little trims, many in fact, since the day she was born...and a couple months ago, I even cut off close to 2 inches...but this time, I knew it needed to be more. The underneath part of her hair was several inches shorter than the rest, and curlier to boot, and the top was starting to look stringy...So I got out the scissors and cut off a good 3 - 4 inches. I know it'll grow back soon, but it was hard on this mama...especially when I combed it straight to cut it, it almost reached her cute, little bottom!! It was LONG and now it seems so short...but I suppose that's because the curls are healthier now and spring up like they should. She seems to like it and so do I...I just love it long and will look forward to it growing back!


{Picture in Picture}

I thought this picture was pretty cool!
Today is Alexa's friend Zach's 4th Birthday! Here they are playing on "Birthday Island". They got to navigate through with flashlights, play duck duck goose, london bridge is falling down, eat lunch in their fort and have cake. How fun! It's amazing to me that Zach is now 4 YEARS old! When we first met him, he was 4 MONTHS old. It definitely doesn't seem like that much time has gone by. But then, I was pregnant with Alexa when we met him and now she's almost 3 1/2. CRAZY! Alexa had such a fun time with her friends - from left to right - Sydney T., Zach R., Kasen T., Brielle K. and Alexa. She's sure going to miss all her great friends when we move. :-(
In fact, the other day after church, Alexa told me "I'm going to break Katherine's heart mom". She then proceeded to tell me that Brielle is moving to "Utahn", she's moving to "bear-down 'Ona" and she's "going to break Katherine's heart". I said, yep she's sure going to miss you! Apparently they were talking about who was moving and who was staying in her Primary Class that day. It will be a tough adjustment and we'll stay in touch with our friends here, but we'll make new friends too...hopefully!!! :-)