Monday, February 1, 2010

Snip, Snip...Sniff, Sniff

Sooooooo....after serious thought, I decided to give Alexa a real haircut. Oh, she's had several little trims, many in fact, since the day she was born...and a couple months ago, I even cut off close to 2 inches...but this time, I knew it needed to be more. The underneath part of her hair was several inches shorter than the rest, and curlier to boot, and the top was starting to look stringy...So I got out the scissors and cut off a good 3 - 4 inches. I know it'll grow back soon, but it was hard on this mama...especially when I combed it straight to cut it, it almost reached her cute, little bottom!! It was LONG and now it seems so short...but I suppose that's because the curls are healthier now and spring up like they should. She seems to like it and so do I...I just love it long and will look forward to it growing back!


Kade and Emily said...

Don't you just hate cuting off those sweet little curls? Thankfully, yes, it will grow back!

jenny said...

Alexa, my darlin grand daughter - you are definetly our little model!!! your new hair is soooo cute!!