Wednesday, May 18, 2011

..::Barrett: One Month::..

Barrett has decided at One Month Old that he wants to try out for the Strongest Man Competition! Waddaya think...will he qualify???!!! :-)
One month already! We absolutely LOVE and ADORE our little B! Even with a fussy period starting now in the evenings, we just can't get enough of this little man! He's a great eater, even taking a bottle of mommy's milk when needed! The girls never took a bottle, so this is a nice break for mommy, giving me a little more freedom! He still sleeps the majority of the day and is just the sweetest thing! He even rolled over at 12 days old!! Yikes, he's gonna keep me on my toes his entire life, I think! We love you Barrett!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

::Barrett's Newborn Pictures::

Thanks to our wonderful photographer, Jessica!
Check her out here.


Okay, so I think it goes without saying that we've added a new member to our family...most of you are probably already aware (especially with my last post and its plethora of pictures!!). But here is our OFFICIAL announcement. Once again, thanks go to Kevin's assistant, Jessica, who was kind enough to put this together for us! And my apologies to all my Canadian peeps...yours are on their way in the mail, it just takes longer to get to Canada!! :-)