Saturday, February 27, 2010


Payton LOVES to get into the wipes. If the package is left open and within her reach, she makes a beeline for it! And if you turn your back for even just a minute or two, she's got practically the whole package of wipes taken out. She's a quick one!! We've definitely got to keep our eyes on her. I think this is just a glimpse of what she's going to get into in the years to come! :-)
We wouldn't have it any other way though!
We sure love this little lady and her spunky personality!

{Talent Show}

Alexa went to her first Primary Activity at our church last night. They are held quarterly for the 3-11 year olds and this one was a Talent Show. Alexa had gone back and forth deciding between doing a number on her "drums" (aka my kitchen canisters for flour, sugar, etc.) or singing a song. Well, after going to Storytime at our library this past Wednesday and learning a new song about teeth, she decided she wanted to sing that song as her talent. Kinda fitting don't ya think since her daddy is ALMOST done with dental school??!! :-)


And here's our little singer! I'm so sad I missed it but sooooo glad Kevin was able to get it on video! (I was at home with Payton so she could go to bed on time!)