Saturday, June 12, 2010

OH how we love...

Once Alexa could walk, the ONE thing I really had to complain about in our apartment in Louisville was it's lack of green space. We had two balconies, both of which were not child-friendly, and there were just tiny, TINY patches of grass outside each building. Not to mention, those patches of grass were RIGHT next to the parking lots...not so conducive to children playing. I often looked forward to the day when we could have a yard for the kids to play in. It wasn't even until our last year in Louisville that we even really ventured out to those aforementioned tiny patches of grass to let the kiddos play...and that was because I had my fabulous friend and neighbor there to help keep tabs on my girls!
But look at us now! We have our own little piece of heaven right behind our house and surrounded by a safe, concrete fence! We LOVE it! We were a bit nervous when the sod Kevin and my mom laid turned all but brown...but as you can see, it's rebounded nicely! And my mom bought this cute little kiddie pool for the girls while she was here, so we can max and relax with the best of them. And best of all...I can send Alexa outside without a worry! Aaaahhhh! :-)