Friday, January 30, 2009


Yep, that's right...Kevin gets a 6 day weekend!! Friday classes were cancelled as well. We woke up to almost an inch more of snow this morning but the sun is shining brightly now and it's supposed to warm up significantly tomorrow and Sunday which will hopefully melt all this nasty ice on the trees, thus reducing the threat of more power outages with falling branches. HOWEVER...Monday is supposed to bring another huge snowstorm!! And depending on how the storm travels before it gets here, we could get anywhere from 3 to 10 inches of more snow! But at least they're just forecasting snow and no more ice...let's hope it stays that way!
We'll keep you posted on the exciting weather times here in Louisville! In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Once again, school was cancelled for Kevin today...much to our surprise. We thought for sure Kevin would have a late start for classes today but were shocked to get the email last night saying they were totally cancelled. And we were even more shocked to have already received the email saying tomorrow's classes (Day #4) are cancelled as well.'s like having an early Spring Break!! Except that the weather is nasty.
So, no pictures from today. But we did finally get out of the house...after Kevin chiseled our car out of under the sheet of ice that was on it. We had some serious cabin fever so we risked getting out of our treacherous parking lot (thanks to a very skilled Canadian-experienced driver!!!) and made our way through our neighborhood. This is where I wish we had's like a war zone out there. Deep ruts in the snow, trees and branches down everywhere and even a few downed power lines. But once you make it to the main roads, all is we made our way to the mall to have lunch and let Alexa get some of her wiggles out.
Upon returning home, we found we were needed to help a fellow church member get her car unstuck...but after many attempts, it was conceded that she was just going to have to wait until the snow melted (due to the nature of her car and the nature of her parking lot - it just wasn't feasible!!). But as we left to help her, a UPS truck had gotten stuck in the entrance to our parking lot. Thankfully (again this Canadian-experience driver showed some serious skillz!!), we were able to squeeze past the UPS truck to get out of our parking lot, but when we came back, the driver had gotten himself in an even worse position, making it impossible to come back in. We contemplated parking on the street but didn't feel that was the most safe decision, so we parked in the parking lot below our building as they had been plowed but for some reason ours had not!
After a couple hours, the UPS guy finally managed to get himself unstuck and so we ventured out again to return our car to our normal parking space and decided to grab a few groceries while we were out since there's a chance for more snow tonight. FABULOUS!! We'll most likely be home bound again for the weekend. But at least Kevin doesn't have classes tomorrow and now we have food AND we still have our we're among the lucky ones. My heart really does go out to those who are still without power though as I know what you're going through and I pray that the power will be restored soon!
I wonder what Snow Day #4 will bring...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So classes were cancelled again for Kevin today! And the weather was actually worse this morning than it was yesterday. We've had periods of freezing rain interspersed with snow, which makes for some pretty treacherous conditions! In fact, 100,000 people in Louisville are now without power due to downed power lines. I'm SOOOOO grateful that we still have ours...I honestly don't think I could have handled it after our 8 day power outage back in September! I just hope everyone gets their power back on soon. Here's a look at what we're dealing with right now. The first batch of pics are from during the storm this morning.
These first two are looking out off our back balcony.
And these two are from our front porch.
And these are from after the storm. I have to admit, things look pretty...but I sure don't want to go out in these conditions!
And I'm especially glad we didn't park our car underneath this tree. It's a holly tree that is normally straight up but with the weight of the snow and ice, is practically laying on our neighbor's car. Let's hope it doesn't break with the pressure!
I really am looking forward to 70 degree winter days and not having to deal with storms like these once we move back out west!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Practice makes perfect!

Alexa is taking her almost new role as the big sister very seriously! She's very protective of her "baby moose" and has to sleep with him every night and at nap time. Well, tonight...she also needed to change his bum and make sure he was all clean. At first, she was just having me help with the diaper, but then she went over by the table and got out the changing pad and the wipes and proceeded to very efficiently change his bum (despite using 1/2 the package of wipes!!). She's going to be such a great help when the baby arrives!


It still makes me laugh that a couple inches of snow can shut a city down...but that's exactly what's happened here today. I guess that's just my Canadian blood coming out - 3 inches is a "skiff" of snow. I don't ever remember having a snow day growing up and we would have snow piled up almost as high as the roof of the school some days. Anywho, I is a snow day and Kevin even had classes cancelled, although he had a huge test scheduled for this morning that he would have preferred to have just gotten over and done with, but we enjoy having him home. Especially when we get to play in the snow.
Alexa was so excited. She loves to "walk in the nose". That's how she pronounces "snow". And yes, those are crocs she is wearing. We are very ill-prepared for snow around this house. I had to put warm tights on, then jeans, then socks over the bottom of the jeans and then her crocs. We don't have boots or snowpants or anything of that nature here!! And we don't really intend on investing in any either seeing as we'll be heading back to Arizona in a little over a year and won't have a need for such crazy things! :-)
This is the best shot we could get of Alexa and myself as she was pretty much to her breaking point. But she did enjoy making snow angels with daddy right before that.
And I had to post a THEN and NOW segment...we had a huge snowstorm last March which was Alexa's first experience in real snow. She's wearing the same jacket but she sure has grown up a lot between now and chubby little girl has sprouted up!
Kevin was sliding down the hill in our parking lot as it not only snowed but icy rain fell as well so it was pretty slick and Alexa thought it was fun. So here's a video of her enjoying "sliding" down the hill Alexa style and then of her just enjoying being outside in the "nose"!