Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It still makes me laugh that a couple inches of snow can shut a city down...but that's exactly what's happened here today. I guess that's just my Canadian blood coming out - 3 inches is a "skiff" of snow. I don't ever remember having a snow day growing up and we would have snow piled up almost as high as the roof of the school some days. Anywho, I digress...today is a snow day and Kevin even had classes cancelled, although he had a huge test scheduled for this morning that he would have preferred to have just gotten over and done with, but we enjoy having him home. Especially when we get to play in the snow.
Alexa was so excited. She loves to "walk in the nose". That's how she pronounces "snow". And yes, those are crocs she is wearing. We are very ill-prepared for snow around this house. I had to put warm tights on, then jeans, then socks over the bottom of the jeans and then her crocs. We don't have boots or snowpants or anything of that nature here!! And we don't really intend on investing in any either seeing as we'll be heading back to Arizona in a little over a year and won't have a need for such crazy things! :-)
This is the best shot we could get of Alexa and myself as she was pretty much to her breaking point. But she did enjoy making snow angels with daddy right before that.
And I had to post a THEN and NOW segment...we had a huge snowstorm last March which was Alexa's first experience in real snow. She's wearing the same jacket but she sure has grown up a lot between now and then...my chubby little girl has sprouted up!
Kevin was sliding down the hill in our parking lot as it not only snowed but icy rain fell as well so it was pretty slick and Alexa thought it was fun. So here's a video of her enjoying "sliding" down the hill Alexa style and then of her just enjoying being outside in the "nose"!


Rockelle said...

I hear ya..we dont own snow clothes either. It is like what's the point when we get it once a year for maybe 3 days.
Cut pictures!

Tiffany-Joy Mo said...

I was ering how you guys faired in the recent snowstorm to have gone through there, looks like you took full advantage of it:) Did you get a ton of ice too?