Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So classes were cancelled again for Kevin today! And the weather was actually worse this morning than it was yesterday. We've had periods of freezing rain interspersed with snow, which makes for some pretty treacherous conditions! In fact, 100,000 people in Louisville are now without power due to downed power lines. I'm SOOOOO grateful that we still have ours...I honestly don't think I could have handled it after our 8 day power outage back in September! I just hope everyone gets their power back on soon. Here's a look at what we're dealing with right now. The first batch of pics are from during the storm this morning.
These first two are looking out off our back balcony.
And these two are from our front porch.
And these are from after the storm. I have to admit, things look pretty...but I sure don't want to go out in these conditions!
And I'm especially glad we didn't park our car underneath this tree. It's a holly tree that is normally straight up but with the weight of the snow and ice, is practically laying on our neighbor's car. Let's hope it doesn't break with the pressure!
I really am looking forward to 70 degree winter days and not having to deal with storms like these once we move back out west!!!