Thursday, January 29, 2009


Once again, school was cancelled for Kevin today...much to our surprise. We thought for sure Kevin would have a late start for classes today but were shocked to get the email last night saying they were totally cancelled. And we were even more shocked to have already received the email saying tomorrow's classes (Day #4) are cancelled as well.'s like having an early Spring Break!! Except that the weather is nasty.
So, no pictures from today. But we did finally get out of the house...after Kevin chiseled our car out of under the sheet of ice that was on it. We had some serious cabin fever so we risked getting out of our treacherous parking lot (thanks to a very skilled Canadian-experienced driver!!!) and made our way through our neighborhood. This is where I wish we had's like a war zone out there. Deep ruts in the snow, trees and branches down everywhere and even a few downed power lines. But once you make it to the main roads, all is we made our way to the mall to have lunch and let Alexa get some of her wiggles out.
Upon returning home, we found we were needed to help a fellow church member get her car unstuck...but after many attempts, it was conceded that she was just going to have to wait until the snow melted (due to the nature of her car and the nature of her parking lot - it just wasn't feasible!!). But as we left to help her, a UPS truck had gotten stuck in the entrance to our parking lot. Thankfully (again this Canadian-experience driver showed some serious skillz!!), we were able to squeeze past the UPS truck to get out of our parking lot, but when we came back, the driver had gotten himself in an even worse position, making it impossible to come back in. We contemplated parking on the street but didn't feel that was the most safe decision, so we parked in the parking lot below our building as they had been plowed but for some reason ours had not!
After a couple hours, the UPS guy finally managed to get himself unstuck and so we ventured out again to return our car to our normal parking space and decided to grab a few groceries while we were out since there's a chance for more snow tonight. FABULOUS!! We'll most likely be home bound again for the weekend. But at least Kevin doesn't have classes tomorrow and now we have food AND we still have our we're among the lucky ones. My heart really does go out to those who are still without power though as I know what you're going through and I pray that the power will be restored soon!
I wonder what Snow Day #4 will bring...


Jessie said...

I am in complete shock over the crazy weather you are having. Good thing all those years living in Canada came in handy! Hope it melts soon!