Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Can't you just tell that these two were having so much fun??!!! We headed to the splash park at the zoo this morning as it was VERY hot here today...hot weather + sunshine + water + good friends = JOY! I know, I promise not to post about EVERY time we head outside for some fun as there are sure to be many MANY more of those days this summer. But these are the firsts this summer. It's definitely taking some getting used to having two kids to haul around this summer. It was soooo easy last summer with just Alexa...no stroller, just her and I and our bag. Now it's a massive double stroller, two kids, several bags of total necessities :-) and one tired mama! But it's so worth it when I see how much fun Alexa has with her friends.


cheetah said...

Ah, reasons you live so very far from all of us up here. You know you'll have nice weather. we're not too sure!
Hope the sleeping gets better so you won't be so tired!

daring one said...

K Collette, she is stinkin' cute! Congratulations. Can't wait for mine to make her debut. 3 more months.