Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Tucson Zoo

We ventured to the Reid Park Zoo here in Tucson today. It's our 2nd time going since we moved back and the girls really love it. Especially Payton these days...she's discovered animals and loves LOVES all animals, so it's a lot of fun to see her joy. She makes a "ruff ruff" noise for every animal she sees and calls everything a "puppy". It's pretty cute.
Anyways, this is what we saw when we were walking into the zoo. Do you think Tucson is a BLUE state or a RED state???!!! :-)
Here's a closer shot of the sign! I think it's hilarious...there were about 12 of these spots next to the handicap parking spaces. RIDICULOUS if you ask me!
Anyways, it was a fun day...a bit overcast, so not too terribly hot. And Kevin even got to come with us so it was a fun family outting.
Oh and I fed a giraffe!! Their tongues are HUGE! We had a free coupon for getting a membership to the zoo and Alexa was all pumped to feed them, but when it came down to actually doing it, she preferred to stand back and let mommy have the fun!!!
The girls loved the Polar Bear...he was swimming and putting on a show!
We're looking forward to many more zoo trips once the weather cools down a bit!