Friday, November 20, 2009

Look who's THREE!!!

It's amazing how fast the time goes! It seems like just yesterday that Alexa joined our family!
So sweet, so tiny!
Before we knew it, she was this cute little baby...not quite walking yet!
And then out of no where she was this adorable toddler, talking all the time and keeping us very entertained!
And NOW...she's is such a big girl! She's no longer my little baby. It's bittersweet. But I love watching her grow and learn new things. Even when she tells me I'm doing things wrong!! :-)
Anyways, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY our sweet Alexa. We love you tooooooo much!!
(I have more to update...I just haven't had the time lately AND I wanted to get this up right away since this is such a big day in my little girl's life!!)


Rockelle said...

She is still a baby....COCO!
Enjoy it!

McCandless Co. said...

That was so sweet...I love little 3yr olds! By the way your family pictures are so great, you all look Fabulous!!!!

Laura said...

Cute post! How exciting to have a 3 year old!!! PS-I love your new family picture on the blog topper! :)