Monday, February 18, 2008

A late Christmas Present!

Thank you to Grams & Gramps Baker. I had mentioned to my mom before Christmas that I really wanted some mega blocks for Alexa and so she had sent money for me to go buy some. Well, it took us until the beginning of February to actually get them. But the set came with the cute little wagon and Alexa loves them! Even if she does look like she's a little under the influence of....what, we're not exactly sure!! I swear we don't drug our child, we just take pictures that look like we do!! :-) She'll love it when we show all these pictures in a slideshow at her wedding one day! Anyways, thanks again, Grams & Gramps, it's a great gift!


Kade and Emily said...

Ah, the novelty of new toys to keep them entertained for all of 2 hours.