Monday, September 8, 2008


If you're squeamish at all, you may want to avert your eyes. Okay, it's really not that bad...but seeing as this was the first real accident we've had to contend with, I had to post for all to see!

We were at the park today while I watched my friend Taffney's boys, Olan & Quincy, while she went to a doctor's appointment. My other friend Waveney also met us there with her kids, Rhys and Sydney. Well, we were enjoying a morning exploring the trails and the kids found a creek. Well, it wasn't long before rocks were being thrown into the water...that IS a fun thing to do after all. However, one rather largish rock decided to connect with Alexa's little noggin and this was the result. It actually bled quite profusely at first (head wounds tend to do that), but we got the bleeding stopped and even had several other moms at the park who helped me out. I was actually kind of a little panicked since I've never dealt with anything like this...I'm so glad Waveney was there! I ended up taking Alexa to her doctor to have them check her out, just in case...but all was well. She didn't need stitches or anything.
And as you can see, she appears fine...back at home, enjoying a cracker!
She does know what an "ouchie" and a "boo-boo" are now and has to kiss anyone else's ouchies and boo-boos better!


ollie said...

Ouch! Anything big to the head is always scary! It's nice that you didn't have to get stitches. We had to take Isabelle to the emergency room to get stitches on her head once and it was NO fun trying to keep them clean!

Krista said...

what a brave girl and how sweet that she wants to make other's boo-boos better! I can't believe how fast kids grow up. Tui will be 2 tomorrow.