Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Okay, I have been tagged several times in the past but have never followed through with any of them...mostly because they were just way too long to bother with (sorry to any of you who have been the taggers!!). But this one was pretty short so here goes Brittany!!!....
3 joys:
Kevin, Alexa, great friends
3 fears:
something happening to Kevin, something happening to Alexa (or any future children), my home burning down
My 3 current obsessions:
reading, dreaming of what life will be like once school is behind us, fun jewelry
3 surprising facts:
Even though I grew up in Canada, I was not an "official" resident until I was 14; I once was a member of a girls' choir; I used to dream of being a surgeon
I tag: Rachael, Amanda Graves, Tiffany, Erin


The Meyers said...

You were an illegal Canadian? hahaha now that is funny.