Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin' at Gallrein Farms

It's our family tradition to go pick a pumpkin each October at an actual pumpkin farm. Usually, we go to Huber Farms in Indiana but we thought we'd try this one in Kentucky this year. It was definitely way less crowded than Hubers and the pumpkin selection was better, but I think we'll be heading back to Hubers next year as we just like the atmosphere better. We still had a great time with our friends, the Ice's. Here are a few pics of our fun day, despite the very chilly wind!!
If Alexa was standing up straight, you'd get to see that she's close to 3 feet tall now. She's definitely grown a lot since her 18 month dr's appointment!!
I know, I know...Alexa's eyes are closed...but I sure look good, so I had to include this picture!!! hahahah
Alexa on the hayride back from the pumpkin patch with mommy and climbing on top of the haystack with daddy!
And of course I have to do a THEN and NOW to show how much Alexa has changed in the last's Alexa last October,
And here she is this year!
Out in the pumpkin patch, me and my girl!
Finding the perfect pumpkin with daddy.
Our little family!


Kade and Emily said...

I keep hearing about this farm...I wish I'd know about it sooner, we just got lame pumpkins from meijers.

Piepgrass said...

Seriously, you look great! And the pumpkin patch would be so much fun!