Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a day!

Okay so apparently I need to keep a close eye on she seems to be developing klepto tendencies!! We went to the mall this morning to let her play on the boat play area for something to do since Kevin isn't home this weekend. Well, we wandered into Old Navy and she was playing the with balls while I wandered around. We then left the store, went back to the boat for more playtime and then headed out to the car to come home. I got Alexa all strapped into the car, loaded our diaper bag back into the car and went to put the stroller in the trunk and what did I find??? A football from Old Navy stashed in the bottom of the stroller. Great!! She was already in the car and I've been pretty tired these days so the thought of hauling her back into the mall to take the ball back wasn't very appealing. was the right thing to do, we didn't pay for it after all. Thankfully though a couple other fellow moms parked beside me were loading their kids into strollers to head into the mall and I asked if they happened to be heading to Old Navy. They said no but asked why and I told them what had happened. They graciously offered to take the ball back in for me. THANK YOU!!! I love how understanding other moms can be. We've all been there at one time or another.
And now we're dealing with the stomach flu. Oh JOY, oh JOY, oh JOY!!! We went grocery shopping this afternoon and as soon as I got Alexa out of the car, she puked everywhere. All down her shirt and all over my pants and shoes. With my vulnerable stomach these days, it was all I could do not to do the same. Once again though, a kind, good Samaritan came to my rescue. She had just put her groceries away and came over to help me get wipes out of my diaper bag. I figured it was just from a cough Alexa has that made her gag, so we hurried and got our groceries and came home. Well, it's definitely the's now coming out both ends. I know, I know...too much information. I just wanted to share in my pain. And lucky Kevin gets to miss out on the fun.
I think I am ready to throw in the towel. However, the role of a mother doesn't end so I guess I'll be cleaning up puke and other nasties throughout the night. Wish me luck. If I don't come up for air tomorrow, please check on me!! :-)