Saturday, June 20, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

Prior to Payton being born, Alexa and I would often go pick Kevin up from school. On our way, we'd drive past Louisville Slugger Field where the minor league baseball team, the Louisville Bats, play. Alexa, without fail, would say "baseball game mom" and "go Ona go" every time we'd pass by (Ona = Arizona, can you tell who her daddy loves???). Anyways, so we'd talk about the baseball games and one time I mentioned that we could go to a game this then every time after that, when we'd pass the field, she'd say something along the lines of "go to game this summer, mommy go, daddy go, lessa go, taypon go too". She couldn't leave anyone out!!
So today, we went to a baseball game with our friends, the Sonico's, who just moved to Kentucky. They have an adorable little girl, Riley, who Alexa enjoyed hanging out with. She loves to have friends! And we had a great time, despite the heat and humidity!
It's one, two, three strikes you're out at the ol' ball game!!!


cassie said...

that was such a blast! thanks again for inviting us!

Laura said...

hey, we were there too! looks like you had a much shadier spot, though.... we were right in the sun. glad alexa got to go to her baseball game. that's one of my favorite summertime things to do. :)