Saturday, October 24, 2009

THIS we will miss!

The beautiful Fall colors here are definitely a sight to see! I'm so grateful our last year here, that the colors were so vibrant. We had such a dry summer last year that it seemed once it got cold, the leaves just fell off the trees and no changing of the colors really happened. But this year...WOW! It's beautiful. I definitely will miss the blooming flowers in the Spring, the lush green in the Summer, and these beautiful colors in the Fall. (Won't miss for a second though the Winters here!!!)
We did our annual trek out to Huber Farms today to go pumpkin picking and these were the sights pretty much the whole way there. It was a beautiful drive!


cassie said...

oh how pretty! oh i just love it here! course i have not experienced winter yet :)

Kade and Emily said...

We miss it already. :(