Monday, March 1, 2010

Payton: 10 Months

Another month has flown by! Our little lady will be ONE at the end of next month, that's so crazy to me!! She's getting so big. Here are a few things that happened in Payton's life this last month:
*She had an ear infection and a mild asthmatic episode in early February.
*She started shaking her head "no" on Feb 7th.
*Her left lateral tooth on top came through on Feb 11th.
*She's pulling up to stand now, as of Feb 11th.
*Her right lateral on top came through on Feb 15th.
*She can now crawl up into things like her small rocking chair.
*She went on her first road trip to Indianapolis on Feb 20th.
*She's getting into everything!
*She tries to disappear into the floor, makes herself as flat as possible, when she knows she's doing something she's not supposed too!!
*She loves to copy - fake laughing or coughing - to see how you'll react.
*She's still sleeping like a champ, usually 12-14 hours each night.
*She's still taking at least 2 naps each day, and sometimes even a short 3rd one.
*She doesn't like her breathing treatments.
*She's started taking tubbies with Alexa and she absolutely LOVES being in the water...but she's a little TOO brave!
*She started playing shy and only wants her mommy.
These two are just the joy in my life! Some days are definitely harder than others, but I don't know what I'd do without them! We're leaving them this week with friends so Kevin and I can go to Arizona and buy a house....and I'm having a really hard time with it! I've never left Payton before and Alexa I've only left with Kevin or my mom. I'm sure they'll be just fine but I'm still nervous and anxious! Here's hoping I'll have a good report next week! And wish us luck on the house-hunting!! :-)