Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{Spring is in the Air!}

The weather has turned BEAUTIFUL the last few days and so we took advantage of it and headed to the zoo with our good friends, the Bergmeiers! Alexa was sooooo excited to go to the zoo again...she told me that she's "been asking all the cold time to go and now it's warm"!
Jonny and Alexa sneaking a peek at the little monkeys.
Then we moved onto the gorillas. Alexa LOVES gorillas!
I think we stayed in the gorilla exhibit for a good 1/2 hour, at least.
I had to get the token shot of Alexa measuring up to the huge gorilla silhouette. The other two are from November 2009 and June 2009. I thought I had more pictures of her at younger ages, but I couldn't find them.
Jonny wanted his turn too!
The trainers/zookeepers were feeding the gorillas while we were there and the kiddos were enthralled.
Then we moved onto the park.
Alexa was so proud of herself for being able to walk across these all by herself this year!
And we can't forget Miss Payton! She had a blast chillin' in her stroller eatin' snacks!
Aaaahhhh, the life! :-)


jenny said...

All of my babies are sooooo adorable!!! luv the pink and black skirt - Alexa - someone must luv you way toooooo much!!!!!