Thursday, April 22, 2010

{Livin' on a Prayer}

On our way to Nashville for the BON JOVI concert!!
We first did some shopping at the Opry Mills Mall, then stopped off at Neely's BBQ for some very delicious food! I'm a huge Food Network Fan and they have a show called 'Down Home with the Neely's' hosted by Pat & Gina Neely. We thought it'd be fun to go somewhere "famous" and it did not disappoint. We even got to meet Pat Neely's brother, Tony Neely. He'd just come from Memphis where they'd been shooting another episode of Down Home with the Neely's. So that was kinda fun...getting to meet someone famous too!!
Then it was onto the concert!! Oh my....sooooooo excited!!
Enjoying the thrilling energy of just being in the same building as Jon Bon Jovi!! :-)
OH MY he comes on stage!
I don't think I sat down for the next 2 1/2 hours!
...whooo-oh, you're half way there-ere!!!!
Once again...what a fabulous concert! Enjoyed again with fabulous company!
Thanks Wave and Emily for a most entertaining, enjoyable, fun road trip to Nashville and concert-going experience!!


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