Tuesday, August 10, 2010

...:::Play Group:::...

Instead of doing preschool this Fall, we got a playgroup organized for Alexa and 5 other little girls in our ward. It works out perfect since we all live within minutes of each other AND the girls are so close in age - I think their birthdays range from October to March. And even better...I only host once every six weeks so the other 5 Tuesday mornings, I get time with just me and Payton. I know I only have 2 kids but it's amazing what a difference having one less child for a couple hours really makes! So thank you to the other moms who will have my Alexa in their homes. We love your little girls and Alexa is so excited to have so many friends her age!


Here are the sweet little ladies:

(left to right: Ally M., Ashlyn A., Becca B., Ashlyn C., Evie C. and Alexa)

As you can see...they had a lot of fun! We're already looking forward to next week!!



Erin said...

Is Alexa tall for her age?! She looks like she towers over the rest of the girls in the group.

Collette and Kevin said...

she IS tall for her age...at least at her 3 year check up she was in the 75th percentile. i think she's shot up even more since we've moved home though. however, she is wearing sandals that have a bit of a heel on them, although not much. so yes, she is definitely the tallest of the group.

Winnie said...

The girls are so cute! They are so much fun.

jenny said...

Alexa - you are getting so big - I think gramma jenny needs to come see you sooooo soon!!!!