Friday, November 26, 2010

--Baby Bump Update: 4 1/2 Months--

Here I am with baby bump #3 at 4 1/2 Months!
I'm definitely not as on top of taking pictures this pregnancy at each month milestone like I was with the first two so this will have to do! Things have been going as well as can be this pregnancy. I have the normal aches and pains that I am so blessed to experience! But I have been going to the chiropractor and now to a physical therapist to help with that so hopefully we'll be able to maintain a lot better this time around as compared to my pregnancy with Payton. The first trimester nausea has come and gone which is FABULOUS!! It makes dealing with everything else so much easier. I am bigger earlier this time around but I'm blaming that on this being baby #3!!! So it goes...I just have to accept it! The best part is, we find out on MONDAY, just a few days away, what we're having and I'm oh so very excited! I have had no feelings one way or another as to what gender this baby is and so I'm looking forward to being able to start thinking about names, colors, etc!! Let's hope this baby cooperates. Here's to Monday!!!


{Amanda G} said...

You look so cute, so I don't want to hear anymore complaining! Okay! I love your hair these days! I miss seeing your face!! :)