Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Alexa!!

To say Alexa was excited for her birthday would be the understatement of the YEAR!!! She has been talking about her birthday since LAST November! Crazy girl! We've been counting down on the calendar for quite some time now and so she was absolutely elated, to say the least, to finally wake up this morning, on the anniversary of the day of her birth!!! I can't believe I have a FOUR year old! I know most of my friends from high school have kiddos MUCH older than Alexa...but it really just boggles my mind that my oldest baby is now a whole four years old! How did that happen???!!! :-)
Anyways, we started out the day with chocolate chip waffles, a highly requested favorite of the birthday girl's!! Then she asked me if she could exercise! And, of course, Payton wanted in on the fun!! Nothin' like gettin' the blood pumpin' to get your party started, right??!!!
After getting ready for the day, Alexa got to go on a birthday errand to the post office to pick up her birthday package from her Gramma Jenny and Papa Ken. My mom had told her several days ago that something was in the mail and so I have heard non-stop, several times a day even, "mom, when is gramma jenny's present going to get here?"!! It's been fun!! :-) She was super excited to open it. Here's the video too, as promised Mom!! Enjoy!
Then it was onto the party!!! I think if Alexa could have invited every. single. person. that she knows, she would have!! We have been blessed with a lot of fun friends here, Alexa especially, and so it was hard to narrow it down! Here are the preparations for the party...can you tell Alexa is excited??? We took away nap time this week and so it was a looooooooong afternoon for the birthday girl before the party actually started!!
But was time for friends to show up! And we had a great time! We played games, ate pizza, opened presents, cracked open a pinata and devoured cake and ice cream! It was fun had by all!!! THANK YOU to all of Alexa's wonderful and generous friends!
She was spoiled rotten!!! :-)
Drum roll's the cake! She's been wanting a Dora birthday for pretty much the whole year and so I had a lot of time to think about what I was going to do for her cake. But when it came down to it, simple was what I decided. I think it turned out great though. She loved it and that's what counts, right?! And the bonus part...she gets to play with all the toys I used as cake toppers!!
And we can't forget the singing of the birthday song! I think this is Alexa's favorite part! Seriously. Her face lights up when she gets sung to, it's pretty cute!

Happy Birthday Alexa!

We love you so much!


Anderson Family said...

The cake looks awesome. Happy Birthday Alexa!

jenny said...

Wish gramma jenny could have had some of that cake -- looks pretty super and delicious too!!!

Happy birthday again sweet Alexa - gramma luvs you tooooo much!!!

jenny said...

Alexa - you look sooo cute in your birthday clothes - so glad they fit!!! thank you for the video -- luv you tons!!

Eric and Aubrey said...

Ashlyn had a great time! Thanks so much!