Sunday, December 5, 2010

...:Christmas Lights:...

This weekend, we headed up to Phoenix to go to the Christmas Lights at the Mesa Temple. The last time Kevin and I did this was the first year we were married, so it was fun to go back and take the girls with us. We coerced Kevin's brother, Darron, and his family into coming with us since we were staying at their house and we all had a great time!
Alexa loved the lit up plastic bubbles in the reflection pond!
We tried to get a family picture, but Alexa didn't want to be a part of the family apparently!
Aaaahhhh....we finally convinced her to be in at least one picture!!
It was a beautiful night at such a beautiful place. We truly felt the Spirit of Christmas as we walked through all the lights and looked at the various scenes from the Bible, depicting the story of our Savior's birth. I think we'll make this a family tradition from now on!


kelseyp said...

CUTE CUTE!! Look like you had fun! Ps. YOU look AMAZING!!! I can't even tell your pregnant!

{Amanda G} said...

You look so cute and you don't even look preggo!