Saturday, March 19, 2011

This month is such a special one...

I know, I know...I probably shouldn't be so excited for my own birthday, but I just can't help it! I love birthdays, especially mine! I've been wishing for, wanting, longing for a Viking Mixer (like a Kitchen Aid but oh so much better!!) for several years now. And I've been very subtle in my hinting to!! Anyways, he surprised me this year and got me my mixer! I'm soooooo in love - with my Mixer...oh and with my amazing Mr. too!! :-) The girls enjoyed opening up my present with me. I'm especially impressed that Alexa was able to keep the secret for several weeks leading up to my birthday!
Just givin' my new toy some love!!
Kevin made me a yummy steak dinner for my birthday and then a cheesecake for dessert! We played it low key on my birthday but he spoiled me all week long with little birthday surprises!
Thanks babe for a wonderful birthday week (made even better by Arizona winning their basketball game ON the day of my birth!!)!!