Thursday, April 14, 2011

..::Baby Bump Update: 9 1/2 Months::..

38 weeks
OY VEY!!!! Well, I'm a little surprised this big guy hasn't wanted to make his appearance yet. As of yesterday's doctor's appointment, I am just about 4cm dilated and 70% effaced with my doctor thinking my water could break at any moment. And as of last Friday, I was 3 cm and 60% effaced...but yet nothing. I had another ultrasound last week which showed baby boy ranging in the 8 lbs 6 oz area so we're hoping, praying, wishing that he comes in under 10 lbs when all is said and done. So far, no contractions or anything to speak of...but my mom comes tonight so we're good to go now. Maybe that's what he was waiting for??!! My babies have seemed to go according to my own personal plan so perhaps he's just following in his sisters' footsteps! Regardless...I am scheduled to be induced on Monday and cannot wait to be DONE being pregnant! This has been a hard one, to say the least! Come on baby boy...come on, I'm sooooo ready to meet you!!!


Anderson Family said...

We're so excited for you guys! It's so nice to have an induction date. You know it will be over soon. I hope he isn't too big!

Valgardson Family said...

How exciting, I hope everything goes well for you. I feel your pain with the big babies, I hope he comes sooner than later for you. Good luck, can't wait to see him.

Kade and Emily said...

Best of luck on Monday! (or hopefully before!)