Sunday, May 1, 2011

::Look Who's TWO::

Happy Birthday Payton!
I canNOT believe my baby girl is two years old! Seriously, where HAS the time gone? I swear she was just this:
But now she's:
Up until just a couple days ago, when we'd ask the birthday girl if she was turning two, she'd say "NO, I Naynon (Payton)!!" But she now gets that she's TWO. I love how she uses her thumb and forefinger to show us! Payton is definitely our spunky little lady! She has so much personality, there are times she just doesn't know what to do with all of it! She merged into being TWO with all the finesse of a well-seasoned terrible two-er!! She can be the sweetest of sweet but started in on the tantrums and meltdowns a few months ago. It's going to be a loooooong year! But one full of fun times too, I'm sure! :-)
We had Payton's two-year check up and her current stats are:
Weight: 28 lbs (60th)
Height: 35 inches (80th)
Head: 49.5 cm (90th)
She is healthy as can be and the doctor was very impressed with how well she can talk (she can say just about anything you ask her to) and all that she can do for a two year old! Thanks to her big sister showing her the ropes, she's well ahead of her age-group.
On the afternoon of Payton's actual birthday, Kevin's assistant, Jessica, came over to take newborn pictures of Barrett. So we took a couple 3 generation pictures while Gramma was here. These two pictures were taken by Kevin on our camera, but you can see Jessica's photography work here. I'll have post her actual pictures once we get them back from her! Thanks Jessica!!

With several things going on the past few days, we decided to have Payton's actual birthday party today. There was eating, playing, present opening, singing and cupcake devouring! A big thank you to our family and good friends who came to celebrate Payton's big day with us!
A few tidbits about the birthday girl:
*She no longer needs her binky (we got rid of it about 2 months before Barrett came)
*She loves her "bubble dress" and has to wear it almost every day (it's a polka dot dress)
*She loves, and I mean LOVES, french fries
*She loves Dora the Explorer
*She finally has a full set of teeth (those canines took FOREVER)
*She is very strong-willed
*She is very independent
*She varies between Daddy's Girl and Mommy's Girl (depending on who's home)
*She always wants her daddy when she gets hurt
*She wants/has to do everything that Alexa does
Happy Birthday Stinker Jae...
we sure love you to pieces and are so grateful you're a part of our family!