Thursday, August 18, 2011

.::Barrett: 4 Months::..

FOUR months have passed since Bubba joined our family! Our little man has certainly beefed up...his stats from his 4 month check up are:
26 1/2 inches tall (98th percentile)
20.4 lbs (off the charts)
48cm head circumference (off the charts)
He is just a BIG kid! I'm pretty sure his rolls have rolls! And I LOVE it!! I absolutely love how squishy and delicious he is. I sure enjoy smooching on those cheeks ALL day EVERY day!
What's happened with Barrett this past month:
*He started sleeping in his own room - July 23rd
*His (and all of ours) 1st trip to the Grand Canyon - July 30th
*He met his Grandpa Baker for the first time - July 30th
*He started putting himself to sleep!!! (LOVE this one!!) - August 3rd
*Started blowing raspberries - August 8th
*Has discovered his feet
*Continues his love affair with his hands!
It's been a fun month....OH, I think the biggest thing this month is that Barrett is now completely on formula. I started weaning him right after 3 months and we are officially done nursing!!! He was a great nurser and I enjoyed that special bond with him, but it was time. It has definitely helped me feel less that others can help with his feeding!
Barrett, we sure love you and are enjoying each new day with you!!!