Wednesday, August 10, 2011

..::A Big BIG Day::..

A new chapter has begun....the school years!! Alexa turns 5 in November, which means she missed the cutoff for Kindergarten by only a couple of we opted for preschool this year. Three mornings a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, from 9am-noon at Lord of Grace Preschool, just under 10 minutes from our house. It's fabulous! Alexa was soooooooooo excited for her first day! She had no problem walking right into her classroom and getting settled. No tears here...for her OR for me! We were both soooooo READY for today!! After I picked her up and asked how her day went, she asked "mommy, can I go every day??"! I'd say it's safe to say that she likes it! I know she's technically ready for kindergarten...but this will be a good transition year for her to get ready for all day-every day kindergarten next year!
Good luck, Alexa...mommy and daddy are so proud of you!!


Anderson Family said...

Super exciting for everyone. I hope that Payton is adjusting well too. It must be hard not to have Big Sis around or maybe very welcomed.

jenny said...

Alexa - gramma is sooo proud of you!!!
Have a super time at pre school!!! you are toooo big!!!