Friday, August 5, 2011

..:Goin' to the movies:..

I know this is a really dark picture...but it's the only one I got. Daddy took Alexa to HER first movie last summer and we never got a picture of that, so I wanted to make sure we documented Payton's first movie experience. It was the last day of the kids' summer movie program at our local theater and so we ventured and the three kids! Payton was mesmerized for the first 45 minutes. She just sat eating her popcorn and watched the "big TV". But that quickly wore off...and then I was soooo glad that it was a bunch of other moms and their kids there too, as Payton was constantly in and out of her seat and both girls were asking me for snack after snack, meanwhile I'm trying to take care of Barrett, who didn't want to nap! BUT, we made it through the whole movie so I consider it a success! And the girls had fun so that makes me happy!


Anderson Family said...

You made it thru a movie! You're a superhero!!! We don't bother, because Kira's more interested in the stairs.

jenny said...

Wish gramma jenny had been there - woulda been soooo much fun!!! Way to go!!!