Sunday, September 18, 2011

..::Barrett: 5 Months::..

5 Months! Wow! Really??? Could it be that I am starting to feel a bit more "normal" now after having a baby??? This feeling usually creeps in for me around the 5-6 month mark! And I am welcoming it with open arms!! :-)
The happenings for this month:
*He responds to his name - Aug 22nd
*1st trip to Canada - Aug 23-27th (got to meet MANY family members for the first time!)
*1st trim haircut - Aug 25th
*Found his feet - Sept 1st
*Started solid foods - Sept 1st
*Rolled over for his first SECOND time, back to front - Sept 11th (he rolled over at 12 days old and then nothing since)
*1st major haircut, we buzzed it! - Sept 17th
**** Barrett is sooooo social! He loves to smile and laugh at his sisters. And he loves to be held. And he loves to eat! As long as he's fed and being held, he's one happy camper! We are getting more use out of the exersaucer these days, which gives me a break from time to time....but any floor time ends pretty quickly as he immediately rolls over onto his tummy and then gets frustrated! We need him to learn how to roll back ASAP!! Barrett has also started sleeping LONGER stretches for me. While we were in Canada, he slept 10 hours straight one night and then 10.5 hours the next night. It. was. dreamy. But then we came home and he started waking up a couple time each night again. However, he's gradually worked his way back to giving us nice long stretches (some between 11-12 hours) the majority of the time. It really is heavenly! The girls didn't do this so young so I am seriously loving it! We all just love this little man so much. I know I say this every month...but I honestly don't know what I'd do without him in my life. He brings a smile to my face every time I look at him. I'm so grateful to be his mommy!
Here's a little clip of his latest rolling trick!


jenny said...

What a big boy!!!! There is always that little interim before they learn to roll back -- what a cutey!!!